What kind of content can I put on Isocentre?

This section primarily describes academic content for sitegroups. You can also use the Forum for discussions and the Member section for member homepage generation.


Sitegroups are meant to generate academic content by members. Over time as many members contribute and write content, individually or collaboratively, these sections will evolve as a source of quick and useful reference for all of us. Content should be written in the most appropriate sitegroup.

There is no real restriction on the type of content that can be written - use your imagination!

As a starting point, some common types of content pages would be:

  1. Web link compilations - a page that has multiple links to resources of a particular type available online - with short descriptions on each link. E.g. A compilation of links to sites that describe radiological anatomy of the head and neck.
  2. Short Reviews - a small review on a specific topic usually 1000 words or less with a list of references. E.g. The impact of HPV on prognosis in Head and Neck cancers. The topics should be specific and if required they should be broken up into a number of pages to keep the review short to make online viewing comfortable.
  3. Latest evidence - Short discussions on latest practice-changing evidence and their context in our practice. E.g. Bendamustine and Rituximab is better than R-CHOP in indolent lymphomas.
  4. Conference updates - structured summaries on national and international conferences divided on sitegroups. E.g. ASTRO 2009 update on gynecologic cancers.
  5. Exam notes - Collaboratively build up answers to exam questions. E.g. Role of prophylactic cranial irradiation in lung cancer.
  6. Debate articles - Two or more members debate for and against a specific statement with references. E.g. There is no role of cisplatin in chemoradiation for anal cancer.

It is expected that content will develop gradually. Sitegroups will remain empty at the start and slowly build up content over several months. This is entirely natural. Do not get overwhelmed by the process of building pages - you will find help in the forum, and from friends as well as Isocentre moderators. Don't hesitate to ask.

Also don't hesitate to add to pages that others have created. That is the whole point of this exercise - to collaborate and build. If you look at a wikipedia article - you will see an example of how many people can collaborate to build a piece of useful content.

Ready to start - read the following related help articles:

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