Is 95% To 95% The Benchmark

Dear friends,

I've always been perplexed when the physicist tells me that "its a nice plan as the 95% of PTV recieves 95% Dose" and he will have a beautiful DVH to support that. In the context of IMRT in head and neck cancer do you think this would hold good always. I have found references where IMRT plans are accepted with this criteria and a paper calls it "//The Minimum Benchmark for Plan acceptance". I would like to know the practice and may be discuss how much would we give and take in terms of coverage and hot spots.
Also if somebody could put some pieces of info on how we would apply the heterogeneity range set by ICRU in the context of a Head and neck SIB IMRT

Awaiting some enlightening pieces of information


Dr Balukrishna S MD DNB DMRT
Assistant Professor
Radiation Oncology 1
CMC , Vellore

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