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Head and neck cancers comprise of a diverse set of malignancies with varying therapy and prognosis. This page is therefore the landing page for the remaining pages. I have arranged the pages according to the type of neoplasms.

Head and Neck Anatomy

Anatomy resources

This page has links and information regarding various aspects of head and neck anatomy. The main emphasis is on radiological imaging which forms the basis for much of the radiation oncology work

Target volume delineation guidelines

CTV delineation is a crucial aspect of the overall 3D planning process. This page attempts to summarize the current guidelines and elicit a healthy discussion on the various practical issues in same.

Tumor Types

Epithelial Malignancies

Given the important place of the aerodigestive tract mucosa in the head and neck region and its exposure to the environmental carcinogens it is hardly surprising that the malignancies of epithelial origin form the bulk of the head and neck cancer burden.

Non epithelial malignancies

Non epithelial malignancies while rarer do present a significant challange to the treating oncologist.

Evidence based summaries(?)

Evidence based summaries form the backbone of modern day oncology practice. This section will attempt to summarize and present the news as it happens. Writers are encouraged to post their experience from relevant CMEs and conferences here.

Upcoming and controversial issues

The diversity of malignancies encountered in this region encourages innovation which in turn breeds controversies. While Evidence based reviews and summaries are helpful they only go so far when it comes to deciding the treatment for an individual. This section is a celebration of the differences in opinion encountered while managing the different tumors of this region.

Case snippets

A collection of case discussions posted in the isocentre forum. The purpose of this section is to keep a compilation of some interesting discussions and rare cases for future use by another oncologist.

Published articles

A listing of articles with comments, which is different to evidence based summaries above which are overviews.

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