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Tips and discussions on using Iocentre
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Having problems using the website? Write here.
826by Nathan AveryNathan Avery
03 Jan 2018 06:51Jump!
Short Announcements from the Admins
1533by Santam Chakraborty Santam Chakraborty
20 May 2011 23:28Jump!
Membership related issues
All issues regarding website content
842by AAMAAM
27 Feb 2010 00:07Jump!
Your suggestions for Improvements go here
26 Feb 2011 19:07Jump!
Case Discussions
All Isocentre Case Discussions are here
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CNS case discussions
1578by Dr Nilesh MahaleDr Nilesh Mahale
20 May 2011 05:00Jump!
Head and Neck case discussions
41268by Dr Nilesh MahaleDr Nilesh Mahale
20 May 2011 05:02Jump!
Beast case discussions
22117by Nikhilesh PatilNikhilesh Patil
25 Mar 2011 01:41Jump!
Lung and thymus case discussions
549by Santam Chakraborty Santam Chakraborty
17 Jan 2011 05:03Jump!
GI and abdominal case discussions
953by Macky GreenwoodMacky Greenwood
04 Jun 2012 05:39Jump!
Genitourinary case discussions
26172by Alfonso GomezAlfonso Gomez
04 May 2011 20:42Jump!
Gynecological case discussions
1777by Nikhilesh PatilNikhilesh Patil
16 May 2011 02:49Jump!
Pediatrics - Lymphoma - Sarcoma case discussions
26 Feb 2011 03:36Jump!
Case discussions on radiation for benign diseases.
211by Santam Chakraborty Santam Chakraborty
07 Apr 2011 13:28Jump!
Evidence and Technology
Discusses issues in current practice on evidence and technology (not individual or case based scenarios).
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Journal Clubs on site will be announced here. Please post the link to the page here. Discussions to be restricted to the wiki page created for the discussion
55by Santam Chakraborty Santam Chakraborty
01 Feb 2011 21:59Jump!
Issues related to current clinical and biological evidence (not case based).
637by Santam Chakraborty Santam Chakraborty
20 Jan 2011 14:52Jump!
Issues related to new or old technology, its use and appropriateness.
20113by Lisa JohnLisa John
27 Sep 2013 06:52Jump!
Training and Career
Issues related to training and career.
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Issues related to oncology training in India and abroad.
1026by Indranil MallickIndranil Mallick
18 Mar 2011 15:47Jump!
Issues related to jobs or career.
718by radtuxabhishekradtuxabhishek
03 Mar 2011 07:39Jump!

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