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It's nothing to worry about. It is a common issue which many individuals face everyday. However, it might be an issue of concern if the irritation is persistent for more than a week or two. It might be related to Scalp tenderness.

In many cases scalp tenderness go away on their own. But sometimes it also require basic cleaning and care to ensure that the area heals successfully.

Get some good reading on the scalp tenderness and also on scalp you will be able to judge the real cause and come up with a good solution without even going to a doc.

I would just suggest you to keep the scalp clean and stop worrying about the issue for 3-4 days more. The issue will be solved ;)

Since a week, I've been facing an issue where I can experience irritation on a part of my scalp. I tried rubbing my with my hands by applying little pressure but it didn't change the situation. What can possibly the reason?

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Naturally, my first feelings were to completely ignore it and hope it would go away and resolve itself. After intermittent heavy bleeding I decided to go and see my local doctor, he conducted some tests and asked me to come back when he had the results.

Several days later, he called me in to the office, asked me to be seated and presented me with something I just did not want to hear. “Peter” he said, “I’m afraid I have some rather bad news for you, you have a 3 inch malignant tumor in the bowel”.
He went on to say that the growth was large and aggressive. It began to pierce through the bowel wall and was taken up by the lymph glands.

The Doctor Gave me 18 Months to Live!

When I asked, what could be done? He said there was a lot that medical science today could do. The first thing to do was to book me in for surgery as soon as possible to remove the initial growth. This would be followed by chemotherapy, and radiotherapy to “mop up the possible spread of the cancer”.

As the conversation continued, I asked him how successful this was all going to be, and if that would actually fix the problem? With rather a blank face, he went on to say that he was afraid the cancer was too advanced and although medicine could give me some time, it could not save my life.

I asked “Well, how long do you think I may have before the cancer overtakes me?” He said that he really wouldn’t like to say, but he believed approximately 18 months, maybe 2 years was possible.
My Feelings at this point in time were in describable.

I was enjoying my life and all of a sudden it comes to a final stop. How could this possibly happen? What had I done? Was there an answer? There was a deep, deep sensation of finality. Everything I was familiar with and cherished had come to an end.So the options were to accept my doctor’s prognosis, go ahead with the procedures and claw out some months, or to do nothing, enjoy myself and to pass on. Not much of a choice at all. Of course my first preference was to go along with the medical side and hope that something would turn around and save my life. I might be one of the lucky ones.

I was booked for surgery in the next few weeks…but a friend of mine told me that they might be another option. By this time, so many sympathetic friends had told me of supplements, herbs, foods and the like. But this all seems so experimental, and although I was nice about it, none of them seemed to understand that I was dying. Perhaps it was out of desperation that I listened to this particular friend, who seemed so sure.

With assurance, told me that bowel cancer is completely reversible. How convinced was I? Perhaps about 20%, but that was better than nothing!

It was explained that although a reversal was not instant. It was achievable. I had nothing to lose. So I began the program and after a few adjustments and getting used to things, everything seemed to work.
It was apparent that in order to beat this cancer, I had to be consistent. Every day had to be a new day and the program was to remain strict. It was explained that the cancer was expected to gradually shrink and that this was a process that had to be taken steadily. If the process happens immediately, the cancer would die far too quickly, and that would be highly detrimental to me.

Approximately 10 months later…

After many abdominal sensations, and a few trials, that is exactly what happened. The cancer came through as a scab like growth, and finally I knew I was free of it. That was many years ago now. I have shared my experience with many others, and referred them back to those that helped me. I have also become very curious about their methods and this book is a direct report on the philosophy, strategies, methods and outcomes of what I have personally witnessed and am a direct benefactor.

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What is the vision status? Ipsilateral and contralateral eye

Re: Carcinoma LID by Dr Nilesh MahaleDr Nilesh Mahale, 20 May 2011 05:02

No such facility is available in India

Re: Clival Chordoma by Dr Nilesh MahaleDr Nilesh Mahale, 20 May 2011 05:00

You can probably try giving 45 Gy with 1,8 Gy / day.
We have lots of studies with reirradiation of Glioblastoma after 60/2, where the patients received doses of 30-36 Gy with FSRT and 3-5 Gy / day. Risk of major damage to sensitive structures like optic apparatus is surely there, but it really depends on how much dose they received during the first course of therapy. Can you retrospectively plan the first series and see how much dose was delivered to these structures?

Re: Reirradiation Brain by Palex80Palex80, 19 May 2011 14:33

Do you have access to heavy ions or protons?

Re: Clival Chordoma by Palex80Palex80, 19 May 2011 14:25

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Alveolus involved hence brachytherapy may not be a good option

Prepontine cistern SOL compressing on mid brain and pons, displacing basilar artery posterolaterally.
Trans sphenoidal excision done
Post op CT shows residual disease.
Symptomatic improvement
HPR: Clival Chordoma

Plan: Radiotherapy (dose 55- 63 Gy) Thats maximum I think we can deliver in this location with photons.

Is there any role for hyperfractionated RT.

What should be the CTV margin/ volume from residual GTV?

Clival Chordoma by Dr Nilesh MahaleDr Nilesh Mahale, 19 May 2011 07:12

Just a thought that's been bugging me lately—where does the idea of routine serial triple-scopy in follow-up of head and neck cancers stand? Would it help to diagnose 2nd primaries in a more effective way? What does the literature say?

Young 35 yr old well preserved male, previously (september 2005) operated n irradiated (Co-60, partial brain, parallel opposed portals, ?54 Gy/27 fr) for rt frontal lobe astro Gr I, has now presented with GBM within the post op cavity. The tumor was small approx 4X4 cms, n has been completely resected. the queries would be,
1. Wat wd be total target dose to the tumor.
2. wat wd be max allowable dose to previously treated n untreated brain (hairline being the only evidence for portals)
3. Critical structures viz. optic apparatus, eyes etc are quite distant from the tumor but must have been fired during first course of treatment, 0 dose to these structures might not be possible, do we have any evidence of recovery of these structures from radiation induced injury with time?

Reirradiation Brain by Suruchi SinghSuruchi Singh, 18 May 2011 04:13

Isocentre started out as a mailing list on Yahoo groups. It was not only a discussion platform then but also a way of keeping in touch. Originating at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai it had it's majority membership from there. News like personal job changes, promotions, awards etc were posted and were a great way of socializing amongst friends. This was a great way of keeping in touch with your colleagues who had moved away after their work.

With the migration to the wikidot website we got a great discussion platform but somehow the social aspects got de-emphasized. Thats an issue which some members felt was important but overall we could not implement it as a website is not a closed ecosystem like a mailing list. In addition with the widespread popularity of Isocentre we now have people coming in from all over the world joining us. While our community has grown it has also made it difficult to conduct "personal" discussions…., read more at

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Dont have words to express, fabulous job, all credit goes to Santam who was well supported by Abhishek.

India needs Ultrasound more than the western world. Please try and use it for every case where possible.

Finally better sense prevailed .. I am glad to know of that one. Interesting that machine has a rectal probe too.. and it can be used for assesing the distance between the rectum and the applicator too :-D

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