Welcome to Data and Research Design

This is the homepage of the Isocentre Data and Research Design Group.

This group is dedicated to improvement in the use of clinical and technical data for research and evidence based management. This is an unique Group, and it intends to be one of most popular groups on this website.

Effectively using data

How to design, compile and collect data

What is a comorbidity Index and how it can help me - This page gives some basic information about comorbidity Indices

How to analyze data - statistics in Radiation Oncology

Understanding evidence

How to write and publish effectively

How to effectively search for evidence

How to interpret evidence

Levels of evidence and grades of recommendations - This page describes the evolution of levels of evidence and its current description. It also describes how the PDQ and NCCN describe their evidence and recommendations.

Designing effective research

Understanding types of studies and trials

Aspects of Research design

Research Ethics

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